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HMG ePublishing, LLC offers electronic book conversion, publishing, and distribution services. We welcome submissions from authors and publishers who want to publish electronic versions of printed books about business, academic and professional development. The ebook topics we seek for digital conversion, publishing, and distribution include business skills; careers; coaching and training; communications; entrepreneurship and small business; information technology; leadership and management; marketing and sales; and manufacturing production.


Mission Statement


HMG ePublishing aims to provide authors and publishers with the best available electronic book conversion, publishing, and distribution services. We provide helpful information, detailed vital suggestions, and the steps to create and publish your ebook through HMG ePublishing. Electronic book publishing lets readers download the text online or purchase digital books from retail stores.


Philosophy and Vision


We support technologies that enhance individual, family, and global human rights. We focus holistically on our shared aims and strive for the highest level of innovation, invention, and contribution. We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity, trust, and respect for all stakeholders. We thrive on unified direction, balance, and reverence. We believe reaching our accepted objectives by finishing and fulfilling our promises is the ultimate accomplishment.


HMG ePublishing is a regional e-book leader with a global e-commerce reach specializing in retail, entertainment, technology, and cloud computing services. Our vision is to be recognized globally as the leading and preferred digital publishing business by providing high-performance, accommodating, and innovative products.


Some of the reasons you should consider and choose HMG ePublishing for your electronic publishing and allied services include the following.


Our Goals


Specify your long- and short-term goals and any milestones to measure your progress. The HMG ePublish will pursue the following fundamental company objectives:


  • To position HMG ePublishing as the highest-rated and predominant leader in electronic books and digital products.
  • To maximize HMG ePublishing stakeholder value by growing the company and its revenue, and
  • To keep HMG ePublishing abreast with new epublishing technologies and pace with the demand for ebooks in the US.


Our Target Market


Any individual or company producing written or visual content can publish digitally. If you have access to a computer or the funds to partner with a digital publishing service, you, too, can be part of this group. In this business model, companies direct their marketing to individual consumers, promoting singular products or services. Our e-commerce retail business model may be famous for eBooks, print-on-demand paperback books, or virtual reader events.


Digital publishing lets you connect with a larger audience and target messages specifically for niche and segmented demographics. You can use calls-to-action (CTAs), relevant advertisements, and pop-ups throughout your content to reach specific audience members in a personalized way. You can also create content based on specific keywords that appeal to your target audience and provide them with the most value in your industry or niche.


ePublishing Industry


Growth in the e-publishing platform amidst the lockdown situation and availability of the Internet and internet-of-things devices reinforces market growth. The ePublishing Industry was valued at USD 25.37 Billion in 2019 and is forecast to reach USD 48.90 Billion, delivering a CAGR of 8.4% by 2027. The market growth is driven by an increasing appreciation for electronic media for content consumption by readers and authors of newspapers, magazines, and books.


The e-publishing platforms have enabled press and newspaper companies to retain valuable readers. eBook authors and publishers facing prominent constraints in publishing physical books are now gaining readership with the help of these ebook platforms. Readers gradually gravitate towards the growing digital platforms, replacing conventional physical books. Advancements in e-ink efficiencies, print-on-demand (POD), and e-reading devices are other key factors bolstering epublishing market expansion.


Major global players like Amazon, Ingramspark, and Google, which once invested heavily in the e-books platform, are now outperforming several traditional book publishers. The companies also allow fresh authors to publish their books on their platforms to build a prominent customer base.



Press Publications and Articles


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HMG ePublishing would happily answer any questions about making electronic book conversion, publishing, and distribution referrals. For more information, contact us at, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Office: (609) 436-9137.