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HMG ePublishing, LLC works closely with its clients to format, convert, and distribute their products to all the major ebook retailers. The firm welcomes proposals for nonfiction manuscripts on a wide range of subjects, not limited to the following: popular culture and performing arts, military history, international studies, health topics, sports, literary studies, and social justice studies. The reasons you should consider and choose our ebook publishing services includes the following:

A Standard ePublishing Contract

  • If your proposed ebook seems overall to be a good fit for us, we will correspond with you about any particular matters that need to be discussed. The offer of a contract comes after we have determined that we and you the author are in agreement on all major points.
  • Our contract is standard for all authors (with the exception of a different royalty for certain categories of manuscripts), and is not negotiable. A standard contract also ensures fairness to all our authors.
  • It does not cost anything to publish with HMG ePublishing, LLC. You bear only the expenses of providing a complete manuscript (including any necessary illustrations and permissions). HMG ePublishing does not offer advances–the economic constraints of digital publishing make this impossible. We pay a good royalty.

Formatting eBook for Quality

  • Scan, convert or otherwise render the author’s print book up to 120 page to a digital document for viewing on commercially available ebook reader, tablet and smartphone.
  • Convert up to 50 graphic elements such as charts, graphs, tables, drawings, photographs to digital format.
  • Format the document to an editable source as necessary, removing page numbers, setting margins, fix the layout for an e-reading device, linking table of contents, prepare meta data and more.
  • Send author an ePub formatting proof for approval in a specified number of business days.

eBook Conversion to Retailer's Specifications.

  • We convert your book to the formats offered by the major online booksellers, to each retailer's specifications.
  • We Assign You an ISBN: An "ISBN" is a unique identifying number for your book that is required for some retailers to keep track of sales data and book information—and a listing in Bowker's Books in Print database, which will allow all booksellers to easily find your book.
  • Checked and re-checked every file to ensure ebook works on various commercially available ebook readers. While we convert your book, we correct any obvious errors we see along the way. When the files are converted, we open your ebook on ebook reader simulators to ensure the converted files look professional.

eBook Marketing and Promotion

  • Offer the eBook for sale or license to Publisher’s customers, distributors and licensees.
  • Setup the eBook on servers hosted by or on behalf of Publisher, arrange distribution to the major stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and to other additional eBook retailers.
  • Design and launch Author’s website, advertise and promote the ebook, seek book reviews, eBook Promotion.

Royalties and Statements

  • HMG ePublishing, LLC pays royalties in U.S. dollars as percentage of the net download (digital format) price for each electronic book sold on a monthly basis to the Author.
  • HMG ePublishing, LLC pays you quarterly for all your sales. Each pay out includes a detailed statement of any taxes, retailers’ fees and other charges.

Contact Us

If you have a proposal for nonfiction manuscript, you should consider and choose our ebook publishing services.  For a free consultation, please contact us at (609) 436-9137 or click here to contact us directly.